The Lazy Day's of Summer

Dec_17_The-Urban_Wild_untitled shoot-20171208-003.jpg

Our annual members summer show which runs from 8th of december until 14th january

Members can include up to 2 works and they love the show because they get great sales, with affordable public art a mixture of paintings, sculptures and objects. 

The gallery is always full to the brim.

It runs over the summer holiday period and it's a family friendly show with our youngest artist with work being 8 years old.

Some of the amazing talent on show are:

Gretchen Mendez

Debra East

Kris Burrows

Tania Sunde

Smita Upadhye

Karen Kennedy

Sarah Barr

Sarah Smith

Billy Medland Parker

Shirley Beveridge

Natasha Smyser

Tanya Stebbing

Eric Moskowitz

Jack Moskowitz

Shahla Tofighi

Irena Adamska

Alison Milne

Leigh Tawhau

Maxine Parkin-Jones

Alicia Blanchard

Caroline McSharry

Val White

John Scott

Emma Baker

Hinerangi and Marsh Wilson

Lukasz Ograbek