Meet Suzie Horne

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Suzie Horne




My name is Suzie Horne, Creative Designer and Owner of Curlicue NZ.

Curlicue NZ produces sustainably elegant 100% recycled Sterling Silver & Copper handcrafted wire work eco-jewellery.  All items are made from my home in Titirangi, Auckland.

Semi-precious stones, pearls and crystals are all incorporated within delicate and timeless designs that include all types of jewellery and accessories for women, men & kids. 

Inspirations for my distinctive designs are drawn from the natural environment around me - especially New Zealand’s native flora and fauna - and usually include the gorgeous blue-green hues of the land, sea and sky around us wrapped in spirals or flourishes (curlicues) - which is where the name “Curlicue" came from. 

The natural environment is hugely important to me, and my previous work as an Ecologist and Environmental Planner strongly influence me and are a reminder to both highlight and protect its amazing features. 

My other interests include reading, art, music, dancing and (African) animal photography. 

I am especially keen to incorporate my love of endangered animals into my work in a way that will help save and protect them - still a work in progress!

Curlicue NZ’s main aim is to provide busy mums with sustainably elegant jewellery that makes them feel confident and beautiful - while at the same time being affordable and easing your conscience in the knowledge that my jewellery is environmentally friendly.