Meet Victoria Veldhuizen

We have a plethora of work from Multiverse Designs - Victoria Veldhuizen, available for sale in the gallery boutique.

Victoria creates special pieces from reclaimed wood out of demolished houses and finishes with natural hemp seed oil and beeswax which gives it a distinctive look.

Her style is based on sacred geometry and natural world features, with a little whimsy thrown in for good measure and she draws her inspiration from the natural world around us, particularly natural geometric patterns and flora. These are all common themes throughout her work and her designs encapsulate the beautiful grain of the wood that each piece is crafted from. 

She's passionate about nature, particularly forests, and spends much of her free time hiking so naturally we see sustainability and eco-friendliness within her work which also extends to packaging and processes that are all good for the environment.

It doesn't stop there either. She's also a musician!