Writing an Artist's Bio


But you don't know what to say right?

Here are some things to think about and some good questions to ask yourself. Try to keep it to around 120 words.

  • What medium/media do you work in?

  • Describe your style.

  • Are there common or characteristic themes depicted in your work?

  • Where do you draw your inspiration?

  • Are there any social, economic or environmental issues that influence's your work?

  • Are there other areas of the arts or popular culture that you have an affinity to? i.e. music, dance or photography

  • What work or works can you talk about that gives a visual description of your work?

There is no right or wrong way to write your bio - it is after all your biography -  but, something else to keep in mind is your audience - who are they?

If you wander around a few galleries and look up inspiration online, there's definitely a traditional way to write an artist's biography that some seasoned galleries and art connoisseurs might expect to see. If writing it in a more informal way feels better for you though, then that could be more appropriate.

Start by working out who it is that will be reading it and what you think they might want to read - then answer a few of these questions.