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The Upstairs Gallery


In Titirangi's, iconic Lopdell House





Open 7 days

10am - 4pm

Free Entry

09-817 4278


418 Titirangi Rd, Titirangi, Auckland, NZ

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A creative's haven, as you enter historic Lopdell House, take either the vintage lift or venture up the elegant spiral staircase to the first floor. As you walk into our beautiful, intimate gallery, you can't help but notice the magnificent original windows that stream in natural light.

She's a beauty alright. 

Artists can be sure to have a finely curated show in a magnificent setting, with access to seasoned artists and support.

Call in today.

gallery Shop

We have a boutique space available for artists work and smaller items for long distance visitors to take advantage of. 

For visitors new to the area, Titirangi Village is set in the foothills of the Waitakere Ranges. A place rich with creativity, history and rainforest life with a special community vibe and gateway to the wild, black sand beaches of West Auckland.

It's a popular tourist destination and visited by many Aucklander's for it's buzzing cafe and art's culture the area is well known for.

also in lopdell precinct

When you stop by, check the timetable for the Flicks at Lopdell down in the theatre, grab a bite at Deco or catch up with friends in the main strip of the village for a glass of vino or coffee. Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery is just next door or you could carry on to explore our local beaches and the wild rainforest treks and black sand beaches of the Waitakere Ranges.