Emerging Artist Award 2018

Finalists from our 2018 Emerging Artist Award

Finalists from our 2018 Emerging Artist Award

Friday 3 Aug - Sunday 26 Aug

Exhibition open 7 days - 10am to 4pm

Congratulations to our winners of the 10th Emerging Artist Awards Exhibition


Highly Commended

Oliver Chun Xu - The Garden of Conjectures

Steven Cascalheira - Bleeding Heart of Gold

Louise Allen - Portrait of Chief Ruarangi McIntyre

Sue Robertson Award

Kathryn Bartlett - See Me

Adison Whitley Award

Steven Cascalheira - Bleeding Heart of Gold

Robin Kewell Award

Louise Allen - Portrait of Chief Ruarangi McIntyre


Pace by Nour Hassan


“To be empathetic is to relate to someone through similar experiences. In a state of limbo, paralysed, the figure is captured not fully immersed nor fully removed from the water....” Nour Hassan our first place winner.

Nour hassan blew everyone away with her work titled Pace.

These are the judges comments.

‘The artist has shown strength and sensitivity in painting technique and use of colour. Beyond the obvious skill is a portrait which communicates the interplay of struggle and peace and is undeniably engaging. The subject is instantly familiar - through the subtle nuances found in the facial expression and body position the judges were able to relive individual experiences of pain, grief and anxiety, or at least sit with the unknown woman and contemplate what her struggle may be'



Leni Sutherland Selesele with his work titled Absence.

The judges loved this piece and it resonated with many of them, this is what they said about this beautiful work.

"This visceral and spiritual work provoked strong emotion and personal response from several of the judges. The heavily layered 'armour' of texture and lost spaces physically enforces the artists message, and the use of buttons puts the work in a domestic and relatable space. The artists statement adds particularly deep layers around the concept of empathy"

Well done Loleni, we would love to see more of your work in the gallery!




Brittle by Susan Brogan

This is an amazing piece created from glass.

The judges had the following to say:

"This intricate, skilful and well presented work is a strong metaphor for empathy through the concept of a handmade blanket. Instead of soft fibres, the artist has chosen fused glass to illustrate the fragility of empathy. It is difficult for many to display empathy without exposing themselves to their own pain. The judges felt this work was strong in addressing empathy from a unique angle."


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