Meet Steve Cascalheira



“I am happy, to be alive, being creative and enjoying myself as I hone my skills, as I get better" - Steve Cascalheira 

Graphic Artist

Steve Cascalheira is a graphic artist based in West Auckland. After being diagnosed with a brain tumour 2 years ago and having undergone brain surgery shortly after that, Steve found it extremely difficult to focus on computer work for long periods of time. A real hindrance when a large percentage of his time involves working on the computer.

As part of his rehabilitation (as suggested by professionals) Steve was told to try using his artistic ability as a tool for recovery, he started to draw, and paint more often, and took it upon himself to ‘get better’ if ever anyone ever wanted to ‘find a silver lining’ this would be it.... Working in a range of styles and mediums, Steve's work ranges from detailed silkscreen prints, sketching to bright and bold pop art paintings.

Steve's approach to art is to produce whatever he is comfortable with and feels like producing at the time instead of being confined by a certain style or medium. This approach means Steve produces a wide variety of subjects, in an even wider range of form.