Meet Shahla Tofighi




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Art and the creative form have always represented themselves in some way throughout my life.

I started my adult life teaching photography, moving to artisan cooking, hair design and fashion. I finally came to the realisation that painting is the best medium for my artistic-self to speak out. This is how I best express myself.

My preferred medium is acrylic paint on canvas. I have found that the organic forms of nature within the landscape inspire me, particularly the rural west of Auckland, the Coromandel and Central Otago.

This local inspiration continues to be refined when I travel. I find myself reflecting on these travels, particularly the juxtaposition of New Zealand's open and mountainous landforms contrasted against the terrain of Europe, Canada and the American mid-west.

My work begins as re-constructions from these experiences in nature, developing shapes and forms that create visual anchors from which my work may communicate to the viewer.