Colourshift - Miloš Perić

Friday 29 Mar - Sunday 21 Apr

Exhibition open 7 days - 10am to 4pm

Out of the greyness of volcanic rocks, out of the bark of the trees, out of the cloudy sky, emerge the hidden colours.

Miloš Perić is a newcomer in Aotearoa. The works at this exhibition are selected from a collection of his early impressions of New Zealand – somewhat playful visual notes from the still ongoing journey of discovery of the newly adopted homeland. His inspiration is to a large extent drawn from its nature, infused with light and enhanced with imagination while remaining respectful of the spirit of the landscape and the life it supports.

In keeping with his nature as a companionable recluse and introspective extrovert combined, the artist offers this exhibition as his tribute to Life, and Light.

Miloš Perić would be a citizen of the world. He was born, raised and schooled in Yugoslavia, a country that is no more. He has lived in South Africa most of his adult life, up until the opening of the new chapter of his life in September 2015.  Having settled in Tāmaki, he calls Aotearoa his new and only home.

Many years ago Miloš has left his love of art safely locked away in a cool dark place and wandered off into the shiny grey world of engineering. He is now returning to his old love, meandering with cheerful determination, stopping along the way to catch his breath and admire the view. He likes to summarise his interests in a rather poor verse:

I paint a little,

I read a lot,

Sometimes I play the piano,

Most times I do not.


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