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Kim Gunther

I started my career as a painter after attending Elam in the late 70’s.  After several exhibitions in NZ and the UK I entered the film industry, first as a scenic artist, then as a writer and director of many New Zealand documentary drama series such Epitaph, Secret New Zealand and Beyond the Darklands.

This exhibition marks my return to painting as my primary creative pursuit and I hope it will lead to more opportunities to exhibit and share my work.

Kim Gunter’s exhibition explores connections between micro and macro worlds.  These works traverse landscapes that are both physical and metaphysical while drawing parallels between an inner personal universe and an expanding cosmic universe. 

The exhibition consists of a series of paintings and a short film. Both are largely set within the dramatic landscapes of Auckland’s Waitakere West Coast.

Gunter’s work is an inquiry into the hidden dynamics of the natural world through the shifting sands and energetic rhythms of land and sea.  Framed within the format of ‘landscape’ these works explore universal themes place and mortality to reveal a universe that is both seen and unseen.

The paintings incorporate elements such as sand and shell to create layered textural surfaces that capture raw, elemental patterns and rhythms of the natural world. 

“I am fascinated by the shifting elements and energies within these landscapes, their scale and their layered intimacies and how they enter our senses, perception and experience.”

The film uses dramatic narrative to weave the natural world into an inner landscape for his protagonist to traverse towards an uncertain future.  It was conceived largely through heuristic immersion exercises within the locations it was filmed in, which were then shaped into a shooting script. “I tried to allow the landscape to breathe into the film and dictate the script to me, the rest is craft.”   

Earlier Event: 13 April
On Death Row