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Pastoral Dreams 田园梦想
to 24 Feb

Pastoral Dreams 田园梦想

Amanda Li is a local in our Titirangi community and owns the beautiful gift shop, Geko in the Village. We are delighted that Amanda's father LiLi is going to exhibit a collection of his traditional and NZ inspired works.

LiLi started showing a passion for drawing and painting since he was a child and in 1981 completed a bachelor's degree from the Hubei Institute of Fine Art.
Most of his paintings describe an ideal harmony amongst human beings and nature and because of his love for traditional Chinese culture, Laozi's and Zhuangzi's philosophy have become key elements in his work.

Join us for the opening night on Friday 1 February from 6:00pm.

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to 16 Dec

Explorations in Clay + Metal

A collaboration of clay and metal, ceramic artist Kairava Gullatz and jeweller Julia Marin are both West Auckland artists. The pair will be bringing in new works for this exhibition which promises to make all your Christmas shopping easy and beautiful!

Join us for the opening night on Friday 23 November from 6:00pm.

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to 18 Nov

Mélange - a group exhibition by the students from Oaklynn Special School

The Upstairs Gallery is thrilled to have a body of works created by the students from Oaklynn Special School. With over 60 works created over the last year the students have lovingly created pieces using a mélange (mixture) of materials, a wheel chair wheel amongst them! This is a show that will delight your eyes and feed your soul. Join us for the opening night on Friday 26 October from 6 to 7:30pm.

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The Great Paper Plate Children's Exhibition
to 29 Jul

The Great Paper Plate Children's Exhibition

Our annual children's exhibition is here and we are calling young artists from 3 to 15 years.

This year our theme is.........*drum rolls please* PAPER PLATES!!!

With thanks to Park Road Kitchen we have a limited amount of paper plates for children to collect and complete their artwork on.

Please only use the plates that we provide, which you can pick up from the gallery along with an entry form anytime from now - 10am - 4pm, 7 days a week.  

We have some AMAZING PRIZES up for grabs.

AND if you're a local school that wants to get involved, please call or email Sammy to have the plates delivered to your school.

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Maxine Parkin-Jones & Tatiana Harper
to 1 Jul

Maxine Parkin-Jones & Tatiana Harper

In conjunction with the Auckland Festival of Photography we are proud to present, Maxine Parkin-Jones and Tatiana Harper.

Blacker than White by Maxine Parkin-Jones

NZ born and self taught artist, Maxine Parkin-Jones (Jepson) has spent her life exploring and discovering the potential of textiles to produce innovative and distinctive art forms. Her work spans over sixty years and it has been displayed in foyers, corporate and private collections world wide.
In 1988 Maxine exhibited as a textile artist in the ‘old’ Upstairs Gallery. Now 2018 and in the ‘new’ Upstairs Gallery we are proud to have her exhibit her first body of works as a photographer. This exhibition also show cases pieces of her life's work in textiles.

Old School by Tatiana Harper

Tatiana is a Latvian born photographer who has called New Zealand her home since 2000. It was inevitable that photography would become part of her life as her father is a photographer and she received her first camera at the age of 11. She also learn't to process images in families home darkroom.
‘Old School’ is a collection of photographs that were taken on film with 2 of her favourite cameras a Canon AL-1 and Mamiya C 33. Both cameras were gifted to her by her friends.


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Kim Gunther
to 3 Jun

Kim Gunther

I started my career as a painter after attending Elam in the late 70’s.  After several exhibitions in NZ and the UK I entered the film industry, first as a scenic artist, then as a writer and director of many New Zealand documentary drama series such Epitaph, Secret New Zealand and Beyond the Darklands.

This exhibition marks my return to painting as my primary creative pursuit and I hope it will lead to more opportunities to exhibit and share my work.

Kim Gunter’s exhibition explores connections between micro and macro worlds.  These works traverse landscapes that are both physical and metaphysical while drawing parallels between an inner personal universe and an expanding cosmic universe. 

The exhibition consists of a series of paintings and a short film. Both are largely set within the dramatic landscapes of Auckland’s Waitakere West Coast.

Gunter’s work is an inquiry into the hidden dynamics of the natural world through the shifting sands and energetic rhythms of land and sea.  Framed within the format of ‘landscape’ these works explore universal themes place and mortality to reveal a universe that is both seen and unseen.

The paintings incorporate elements such as sand and shell to create layered textural surfaces that capture raw, elemental patterns and rhythms of the natural world. 

“I am fascinated by the shifting elements and energies within these landscapes, their scale and their layered intimacies and how they enter our senses, perception and experience.”

The film uses dramatic narrative to weave the natural world into an inner landscape for his protagonist to traverse towards an uncertain future.  It was conceived largely through heuristic immersion exercises within the locations it was filmed in, which were then shaped into a shooting script. “I tried to allow the landscape to breathe into the film and dictate the script to me, the rest is craft.”   

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to 3 Dec

Co. Start - Eshah Hudson, Lily Weeds + Jo Sinton

Join us as we celebrate the opening of Co.Start, a group exhibition featuring Eshah Hudson - fibre, Lily Weeds - ceramics and Jo Sinton - silver.

These 3 artists all take inspiration from their own back yard, the beautiful Muriwai. As well as taking inspiration from their surroundings the artists have inspired each other to create pieces especially for this upcoming exhibition.

Join us for a truly creative evening, everyone is welcome.

Refreshments and live entertainment on opening night. See you soon x

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Exhibition - Pat Basse Insight
to 8 Oct

Exhibition - Pat Basse Insight

  • The Upstairs Gallery / Lopdell House (map)
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Join us for the opening of Insight by Pat Basse.

This exhibition is a celebration of Pat Basse's artistic journey over 30 years.

Pat has developed macular degeneration which has shifted the direction of her work dramatically. In this exhibition Pat shows the viewer how art can develop and wants to encourage other artists who may have lost their confidence due to sight impairment.

Free entry for everyone from 6 to 7:30pm with refreshments and live entertainment.

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